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You can search in the database or abridge the search results from different aspects (name, swim code, sex, age, country, city, nr. of swimming, time results) by filling the form below.

Providing only one data is usually enough.

Furthermore, it is possible to compare your result to the other participants by age, country, city, swim time. If, for example, you select "Age (years):.. Min 20 - max 30" you will get all the 20-30 years old swimmers results, so you can see how did you finished amongst them. Or if you just only select a city like "Révfülöp" you will get all the swimmers from that settlement, so you can see also how did you finished amongst them.

If someone couldn't find their result, the problem should be that he/she hasn't agreed with the publication of his/her certification on the internet, on the application sheet.

In case of misspelling, incorrect data, or other problem, please send us an e-mail:
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